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Expanded Metal Stops Small Creatures From Creating Big Problems


expanded metal fence, stop animals

Expanded Metal Fence as animal deterrent

Electric utility substations are creating a new line of defense with Securex Expanded Metal Retro-Fit Fencing. The animal mitigation system designed by Vanquish Fencing features Niles ½”- #13 expanded metal panels and the Vanquish V-Channel Deterrent to eliminate small entry points to the substations.  The system forces small animals into an area of instability which prevents them from entering the facility and interfering with electrical equipment.
Using Niles Securex expanded metal panels; Vanquish Fencing is now able to prevent animals like snakes, squirrels and raccoons from entering the substations.  Eliminating access prevents the animals from interacting with the electrical equipment and causing outages.
Successful systems have been installed for several utilities including Entergy Mississippi, Inc. and Duke Energy where the technology has achieved an impressive track record for reducing animal-related outages.

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