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Expanded Metal Screening

Highway Glare Screening

Securex Highway Glare Screening is used in conjunction with concrete median walls to help shield the headlights of oncoming traffic.  Several state studies re-affirm both the effectiveness and benefits of installing screen to protect drivers.  Expanded metal highway screening is also used in construction areas to protect workers.



  • Shields drivers from headlight glare of oncoming traffic
  • Recommended for use by several state Department of Transportation Authorities
  • Does not collect snow or debris on roadway
  • Testing in Ohio reveals significant reduction in night accidents on urban freeways using expanded metal glare screening




Decorative Screening

Securex Expanded Metal Screening is a design solution used to help deflect light and shadows in both new and older construction. 



Exterior Application

  • Architectural screens can be used on the exterior of buildings to help deflect light and heat or to enhance building design. 

Interior Application

  • Interior panels can be used decoratively or functionally to diffuse sound and light helping buildings meet LEED standards.