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Safety Railing

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SECUREX safety railing is an industrial safety product that provides a barrier around manufacturing machinery and helps you meet applicable OSHA machine guarding standards.

Our expanded metal safety railing is versatile enough to be used in many different railing applications around or near manufacturing machinery where metal railings are needed. Combined with other security controls, SECUREX safety railing is a cost-effective method of protecting workers and facilities.

SECUREX safety railing is also available as individual panels with or without u-edging. The panels feature a closed edge frame and can be cut any virtually any angle. These types of panels are prominently used in between metal railings in shopping centers and convocation centers.

Safety railing features:

  • SS40 round pipe frame construction
  • 6 standard mesh designations
  • Alternative, decorative architectural mesh options found here
  • Optional u-edging available here
  • Helps meet applicable OSHA standards
  • Choice of finish – galvanized or powder coat black or green, custom colors available

Suggested mesh options include:

  • 1/2" #13R
  • 3/4" #9R
  • 1" #7R
  • 1-1/2" #9R
  • 1-1/2" #6R
  • 2" #9R

Standard railing styles include:

  • Full expanded metal infill
  • Designer expanded metal infill
  • Partial expanded metal infill

Have questions or specific design requirements? Our design team is available to provide more details and will work with you to find the precise size to meet your needs.

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