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Bird Deterrent and Wall Spikes

SECUREX Bird Deterrent and Wall Spikes were created to stop security threats at the top of walls or fencing.  Our security spikes are available in two grades and in two different designs for alternate levels of protection.                           

BIRD DETERRENT                                                           Bird Deterrent U-shaped spike

Designed as a light use deterrent for animals, SECUREX Bird Deterrent spikes make it difficult for birds or small animals to perch at the edge of retaining walls or square frame fencing.   Bird spikes are made from flattened, 3/4" - #9 expanded metal and are available in either galvanized or powder coated carbon steel.  The standard edging exposes 3" - 4" above grade but custom cuts and bending are available.



                               W-Shaped Wall Spikes                                                                                             WALL SPIKES

SECUREX wall spikes are an alternate option to barbed or razor wire and ship in 4' or 5' lengths.  The expanded metal of the wall spikes are random sheared at the top to create a formidable and sharp edge along any square framed surface.  Use the wall spikes at the edge of retaining walls or on panel based fencing for maximum security without the look of barbed wire.   


  • Available in galvanized carbon, stainless steel or powder coated finish 
  • Can be produced from different size mesh to create alternate levels of threat
  • Can be custom bent or manufactured to specification
  • Stock available in "U" shaped or "W" shaped design