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Security Partitions and Wall Panels



3/4" - #9 Expanded MetalSecurex Wall Partition Panels were specifically designed to help warehouses, storage rooms or production floors effectively manage the protection of valuable materials. 

Securex partitions have the benefit of allowing security managers quick surveillance while still providing the highest levels of security.



  • Modular panels – allow for flexibility of design
  • Easy and Fast installation – cuts downtime in warehouses or on production floors
  • Permanent or Temporary  - panels can be rearranged when business needs change
  • Enclosed Hardware – partition hardware isn’t accessible from the outside which helps deter theft
  • Open Mesh Design – does not inhibit fire control devices
  • Design - expanded metal mesh is available in all industrial and decorative mesh patterns which allows planners to design a mesh partition wall that is both secure and appropriate to the work area
  • Fully Welded Panels – all of our expanded metal welded panels are manufactured in the USA


  • Warehousing
  • Machine Guarding
  • Server or Data Rooms


  • Heights - up to 30'
  • Expanded Metal Diamond Patterns - 1/2" - #13, 3/4" - #9,  1-1/2" - #9,  7/8" square,  Decoratives
  • Swing gates
  • Slide gates
  • Service Windows